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    ¿Cómo funciona el intercambio de datos en el panel de control de Airbnb for Work?

    If your company has existing services with any travel partners such as travel management companies or duty of care providers, you can share reservation info for business stays made by employees at your company (or travelers outside your company to whom you’ve granted temporary booking access) if Airbnb also works with that travel partner. Depending on the services they offer, your travel partner can use this data to help you understand how much your company is spending on travel at Airbnb, keep track of where your traveling employees are (to fulfill duty of care coverage), and more. Find out how to activate data sharing.

    Data sharing Terms and Conditions

    Your request to share information with any of your travel partners will allow them to have access to Airbnb business booking information, including accommodation and price details, of your organization’s personnel and any travelers outside your company to whom you’ve granted temporary booking access. Your travel partner’s responsibility for use of this information will be governed by whatever agreements or contracts your organization has with them. Airbnb and your travel partner must accept your request before Airbnb begins sharing information with it. Your company is the data controller for the trip data of its employees and its travelers with temporary booking access, and is responsible for your partner's handling of the data.

    Read our privacy policy for details on the personal information we share.

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