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Natural Feature
“Ottimo per una passeggiata nella natura, per visitare il Museo delle Navi Romane e degustare le famose fragoline di Nemi. / Great place to be in the nature, visit the Roman Ships Musem and taste the famous Nemi's strawberries. ”
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History Museum
“The museum was built between 1933 and 1939 to house two gigantic ships belonging to the emperor Caligola (AD 37-41) recovered from the lake between 1929 and 1931. It was therefore the first Museum in Italy to be built on the basis of the contents, two hulls with measurements of m. 71.30 x 20 and m. 73 x 24, unfortunately destroyed during a fire in 1944. Reopened in 1953, the Museum was again closed in 1962 and finally re-opened in 1988.”
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Point of Interest
“The Cisternoni represent the largest reservoir of water a layout of the camp of the Legion . great historical value”
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“Great place both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. nice outside terracce and garden”
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“A little town close Rome (we call it and the other town nearby Li Castelli) where you can find a lot of Fraschette (little trattoria) famous for the wine (romanella) and local things to eat”
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“Cafe-Bar where yuo can take a breakfast or have an appetizer or an happyhour. Big choice of pastries and good ice cream.”
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“Built and designed by Bernini and caratterizzata by a large dome . Inside you can admire the great fresco of the Assumption of the Burgundian and many paintings dating from around 1665 .”
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Sitio histórico
“The Sforza-Cesarini palace, in its present form, was built as a summer residence of the Cesarini family, then Sforza Cesarini, lords of Genzano from 1564. Built from the transformation of a medieval castle, already existing at the beginning of the XIII century, placed guarding Lake Nemi. The transformation of the medieval castle into a palace, was started around 1590 by Giuliano II Cesarini, who bought houses and land surrounding the medieval building in order to expand it. The Palace was recently restored during the first decade of the 21 st century. It's also possible to visit the Sforza Cesarini Park, annexed to the Palace of the ducal family. This park is unique in the panorama of the area known as "Castelli Romani", because, besides being interesting from a naturalistic point of view, it offers a suggestive and magical landscape, which from the historic center of Genzano leads to the shores of Lake Nemi.”
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Estación de tren
“Town with good connection with Rome , and through the train station for trains to Roma Termini every hour , whether by bus , leading to the railway Tuscolano terminus MetroA”
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Travel Agency
“Dalle zone collinari di Marino e Genzano di Roma, fino alle vette di Rocca di Papa e Rocca Priora, i comuni dei Castelli Romani si caratterizzano per un'ampia varietà di spazi. grande offerta culinaria. ”
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“Il “set” è un antico granaio ristrutturato con gusto, mentre la cucina, con più di un guizzo di creatività, si ispira alla campagna romana, dedicando anche un'ampia sezione al mare della vicina Anzio. Bella cantina e piatti di felice esecuzione come le fettuccine al coniglio o il lattonzolo di maiale. Albano tel. 06/9322791 Prezzo sui 50-60 euro”
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Restaurante italiano
“perche è l'osteria più tipica,dove mangiare e gustare i veri sapori della terra.”
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