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Transporte público en Thua Thien Hue

“Developed by Sun Group, the Ba Na Hills Resort at a height of over 1,400m above sea level was officially opened to the public in 2007. Since then, it has become one of Viet Nam’s most popular entertainment areas and its must-visited places. The resort features the French Village, the Le Jardin Flower Garden, a mountain-climbing train, the Debay Wine Cellar, the Linh Ung Pagoda, the first-ever wax museum in Viet Nam, and Fantasy Park, which is the largest indoor entertainment centre in Southeast Asia. ”
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“Ba Na Hills is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang, located at an altitude of 1489 meters in Ba Na Nui Chua tourist area, divided into two areas of Debay and the French Village with many special attractions such as flower gardens, temples, fantasy amusement parks, and golden bridges. ”
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“Hai Van Pass or Sea Clouds Pass offers an impressive landscape of verdant mountains and clear blue skies, overlooking Da Nang City, Tien Sa Port, Son Tra Peninsula, and South China Sea. Crossing over a spur of Truong Son mountain range between Thua Thien-Hue Province and Da Nang City, it stands at 500m above sea level, making it the highest pass in Vietnam. A contender for the most famous road in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass is a short but scenic route winding around a mountainside above the East Sea, on the central coast. Ocean Cloud Pass – is famous for a number of reasons: as a geographic and political boundary between ancient kingdoms; as a climatic divide between the tropical south and the subtropical north; and as a strategic military post during times of war, both ancient and modern.”
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“Set along in the northern of Hương river, features with hundreds of movements from 19th century, this is the UNESCO heritage. Opening hours: daily 7am-17pm. Price:150.000 VND”
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Bar deportivo
“DMZ loves you and celebrates times of joy with you and your loved ones. From the holy spirit and atmosphere of Christmas eve or the exciting fast past night of New Years eve. Local people as well foreign tourists come together and share a great experience not only in these times of celebration but at any time of the year. Sharing a cold beer, a glass of warm wine, a game of billiards or leaving a memorable statement on our walls, are just a few of the great experiences one receives at the DMZ Bar.”
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Place of Worship
“Set in top of a hill that offers breathtaking views of Perfume river. One of its standout features is a 21 metre-tall octagonal tower called Thap Phuoc Duyen, which was built in 1844 under the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri. Meanwhile, the main sanctuary houses wooden sculptures of temple guardians, gold-plated Buddha statues, and two-tonne bell cast in 1710. Thien Mu Pagoda was also the home monastery of Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc, who had self-immolated in 1963 in protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 17:00 Address: Kim Long, Huong Long Ward, Hue”
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“Minh Mang's tomb is one of the most mystical tombs of Nguyen Dynasty, which is a complex system of 40 beautiful constructions, including temple, pavilion, palace, etc. Combined between landscape and architecture buildings, the tomb can be considered as a microcosm of Hue Citadel, which is a perfect combination of manmade and natural beauty of Hue.”
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Place to eat
“Dong Ba Market is the oldest market in Hue - a place that has an importance in the everyday life of Hue people and one of the best shopping sites in the city. But Why Dong Ba market is worth your time? Little did you know that the world-renowned chef, author and TV star Anthony Bourdain once had lost his way here because he couldn't resist the delicious dishes of Hue cuisine. You must try these special Hue dishes 🍰Bun bo Huế Bun bo hue (Hue beef noodle soup) is a regional speciality comprising thick rice vermicelli and various toppings in a thick soup. Unlike pho, this dish is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy as it’s flavoured with boiled bones and shank, annatto seeds, lemongrass, ginger, fermented shrimp paste, chilli oil, and sugar. 🎁nem l Nem lui is a kebab-like dish using lemongrass stalks, which is wrapped with marinated meat (usually pork or beef) then grilled over a charcoal stove. Diners are also served with a side of rice paper, lettuce and cucumber slices, rice vermicelli, and fresh herbs. It’s available as an appetiser at just about all local restaurants and hotels in Hue. For added flavour, dip nem lui into a local sauce made with ground peanuts, fermented beans, sesame seeds, shrimp paste, chopped garlic, chillie. 🍰Com hen Com hen (clam rice) consists of rice topped with baby basket clams, crispy pork skins, roasted peanuts, shrimp paste, and fresh greens. Commonly eaten as a filling breakfast, the clams are stir-fried with chopped garlic, onion, fish sauce, pepper, and mint leaves before they’re poured over a plate of steamed jasmine rice. In some restaurants, com hen is often accompanied with a bowl of clam broth as well as a platter of coriander leaves, shredded banana blossoms and bean sprouts. There are plenty of food stalls in Dong Ba Market selling this Hue speciality for about VND 20,000. 🍰Banh khoai Banh khoai is easily distinguished from other savoury snacks in Hue thanks to its turmeric yellow colour. Readily available at roadside stalls, local joints and markets, this open-faced crepe is typically filled with pork, shrimp, scallions and beansprouts. However, you can also find several venues offering this local snack with quail eggs and starfruit. As with most Vietnamese dishes, banh khoi is best eaten with a side of fresh greens and herbs as well as fermented soybean dipping sauce. 🍰Banhbeo Known in English as steamed rice cakes, banh beo look similar to cupcakes but are topped with dried shrimp, deep-fried pork rind, shallots, rice vinegar, and fresh herbs. Accompanied with a side of nuoc mam (fermented fish) dipping sauce and red chillies, there are two variations of this local delicacy - banh beo chen is prepared in a coin-sized ceramic saucer (you can get five or six for about VND 30,000 at sit-down restaurants) while the larger banh beo dia is eaten as a main dish. 🍰Banh loc Banh loc goi, made with tapioca starch rather than rice flour, is filled with marinated shrimp and milled pork before it’s wrapped in oiled banana leaves and steamed until cooked. To enjoy this Hue snack, simply unwrap the banana leaf and dip it in a platter of nuoc mam pha, a sauce made with vinegar, shrimp stock, fermented fish sauce, sugar, and fresh chilies. 🍰Bún thịt nướng Bun thit nuong comprises rice vermicelli noodles, grilled pork, lettuce, cucumbers, beansprouts, pickled daikon, basil, mint, chopped peanuts, and deep-fried spring rolls. Priced at VND 20,000 upwards, this hearty dish also comes with a side of pickled carrots, fresh lettuce and fermented fish dipping sauce. Eat like the locals by pouring the sauce over the noodles for an extra kick of flavour. 🍰Banh ram ít Banh it ram is a Central Vietnamese speciality that pairs steamed sticky rice dumpling with a crispy patty that’s also made with sticky rice. Similar to a Japanese mochi but eaten as an appetiser instead of dessert, the dumpling is topped with a savoury mix of green scallions, shrimp and pork. A platter of six banh it ram dumplings costs about VND 30,000 at a local joint, but prices are higher at more upscale restaurants and hotels. 🍰Chè Hạt sen Che hat sen is one of the many local desserts you can find in Hue, containing lotus seeds and green rice flakes in a sweet broth. Thanks to its cooling properties, locals often have it in the summer to combat the heat but you can enjoy this pretty much any time of the year. One of the most highly recommended dessert shops in Hue is Che Hem on Hung Vuong Street, where you can get a generous portion of che hat sen for about VND 3,000.”
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“Tu Duc Tomb is one of the many royal tombs set within the outskirts of Hue Imperial City. Built between 1864 and 1867 in commemoration of the fourth emperor, the complex also served as a summer palace for Emperor Tu Duc thanks to its natural hillside and riverfront landscape. Home to a massive lake and over 50 palaces, pavilions, temples and shrines, the Tu Duc Tomb offers relaxing ambience for visitors looking to experience the remnants of ancient Nguyen Dynasty. Set within Thuong Ba Village, the royal tomb is 15-minute drive from Hue Imperial City. Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 17:00 Address: Thuong Ba Village, Thuy Xuan Commune, Hue”
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“Minh Mang Tomb, hailed as the most ambitious royal tomb built during the Nguyen Dynasty, is located along the west bank of Perfume River. Accessible within a 30-minute drive from Hue City Centre, construction of the expansive tomb started in 1840 under the order of Emperor Minh Mang before it was completed two years later during Emperor Thieu Tri’s reign. Surrounded by landscaped lakes and canals, Minh Mang Tomb houses 40 buildings in total, including palaces, temples, terraces, and pavilions. Open daily, entrance to Minh Mang Tomb is priced at VND 100,000 for adults and VND 20,000 for children below the age of 12. Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 17:00 Address: Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District, Hue Price Range: VND 100,000 for adults, VND 20,000 for children under 12 years”
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“The place offer many beautiful artwork from artist Le Ba Dang.You will see an eclectic mix of his work, painting, sculpting, installations... using all kinds of materials. It is a great place to take pictures, especially the memorial flat on the first floor which looks as if the artists just left in the morning.”
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Centro comercial
“You may get most of cooking materials such as eggs, pork and beef from the convenience store in our building. But Big C is the biggest super-market of Hue. ”
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Restaurante francés
“Les Jardins De La Carambole is set within a colonial-era villa, where diners can enjoy authentic French, Italian, Vietnamese cuisine in a classy setting. Set along Dang Tran Con Street, it’s especially popular amongst travellers thanks to its close proximity to the Complex of Hue Monuments. The upstairs dining section also hosts live piano performances while its expansive veranda overlook Perfume River and Hue City Centre.”
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“Thanh Toan Bridge is a tile-roofed footbridge that’s similar to Hoi An’s Japanese Covered Bridge, featuring ancient Chinese and Japanese motifs as well as ornate carvings of sacred animals. Built during the reign of Emperor Le Hien Tong (1740-1786), this wooden bridge is built over the Nhu Y River, spanning 17 metres in length. There’s also an altar commemorating its founder, Tran Thi Dao who was the wife of a high-ranking Mandarin in the emperor’s court. Thanh Toan Bridge, set within Thanh Thuy village, is a pleasant 20-minute drive from Hue City Centre, where you’ll pass by several traditional villages, rice paddies and several pagodas. Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 17:00 Address: 7 kilometres east of Hue”
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“This is an iconic place you must visit when you come to Hue, cool spacious place with a lot of tree and historical items.”
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Cable Car
“Ba Na Hill is one of the famous places that we cannot ignore when traveling to Da Nang. Because Ba Na Hill tourist area is known as a miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang city with attractions, ancient architectural buildings full of magic will be a great tourist destination for visitors. when coming to Da Nang. Not only that, with the unique architecture and the forming history of Ba Na Hill will help you to enjoy coming here.”
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