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Things to do

Tienda de regalos
“Great assortment of stores including the Bay, Guava, Bootlegger, Urban Planet etc. Also has a great food court, little playground for kids, stores that have useful amenities (e.g. Walmart)”
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“Neck Point Park is a true west-coast gem. Surrounded by rugged beaches, gorgeous gary oak trees - this is a very special place and is not to be missed. Kids will love exploring tidal pools, discovering star fish in nooks and crannies at low tide, watching for the bobbing heads of seals and the occasional sea lion. There have even been some orca sightings in the distance. Magical...”
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“Piper's Lagoon (and Wheatcroft Park - pictured here) are just down the road from Neck Point Park and make for an awesome ocean-walk any time of year. There are numerous bald eagles that nest at the point here, great blue herons relaxing in the lagoon along with various other sea birds. A long stretch of pebbly beach to wander along and beautiful hidden coves as you venture further. Drive down to Wheatcroft Park (overlooks the lagoon), then on to Piper's Lagoon.”
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“One of the most beautiful accoustic concert halls in Canada. Check out what is playing on ”
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“This Pub is Canada's only floating pub - you have to take the Dinghy Dock Ferry from Nanaimo Harbour across to the Pub on Protection Island (10 minute trip) and enjoy a meal and then take the ferry back home. Check when it opens in the Spring - mid March. You need to have cash to pay for the ferry. Check out the prices on the Dinghy Dock Pub website. 30 minute walk to downtown from Century Kee. ”
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Sitio para desayunar
“Margot's Favourite place for Breakfast! Fabulous fresh food, locally sources on Commerical Street, 25 minute walk to downtown, check out the Nanaimo Museum across the street. ”
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Natural Feature
“Pack up a picnic lunch and bring some cash for the foot ferry- man to take you away. Newcastle Island also known as "Saysutshun" offers a spa-like peaceful setting where people historically flocked for rejuvenation. The highlight is the white sandy beach at Kanaka Bay, where you can soak up the imperative minerals of the ocean. ”
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“Westwood Lake is a 5 minute drive from Poet's Retreat and is a great spot for swim in the summer. There is a lifeguard on duty daily and a dock for the kids to swim out to. The hike (or jog!) around this lake is beautiful any season. ”
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History Museum
“Nanaimo Museum is a fun place to get a feel for Nanaimo's coal mining history and learn about the World Famous Nanaimo Bar and World Famous Bathtub Races and so much more. ”
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“Best place for Greek Food - 25 minute walk from Century Kee, located in the Old City Quarter - you usually need a reservation. ”
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“Funky Pink Building located downtown, great for coffee during the day and Live music in the evening. 20 minute walk from Century Kee”
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Restaurante de sushi
“A lively social experience with the best Japanese fusion I've ever had. I highly recommend getting their BBQ tuna and perhaps some hot sake to go along. ”
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“Nice place to walk along the waterfront and enjoy some crab fishing. Access to shops and ferries to the smaller islands. ”
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“This park is literally at the end of my street. So close so beautiful, with forested walking trails, a duck pond and waterfalls. ”
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“Great pub located in the middle of Nanaimo - you would need a car or to take the bus from Century Kee. They make their own craft beer. ”
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“The Galaxy Cinema is a multiplex theater in Nanaimo with stadium seating and comfortable reclining seats located in the Rutherford Mall. ”
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