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Vecindarios en Río de Janeiro

“Famed for its crescent-shaped beach, Copacabana is one of Rio’s liveliest neighborhoods, drawing a cross-section of locals and visitors to round-the-clock activity along its sands and mosaic-tiled promenade. Amid the high-rises overlooking the beach are the art deco Copacabana Palace hotel and imposing Copacabana Fort, home to a military museum. Inland, laid-back sidewalk cafes and casual bars line tranquil streets.”
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“You'll feel like you are in a small seaside town, perhaps somewhere in Europe. Check the classic houses, walk along the sea wall, go up Sugar Loaf and check the stunning views of Praia Vermelha (Red Beach) and the Claudio Coutinho path. Then eat and drink at Bar Urca, looking at the ocean, and be merry. You can easily walk there from our Botafogo place.”
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“Safe residential neighborhood along the magnificent Barra Beach. Surrounded by mangroves and lush green areas. Barra offers from the best cinemas and shopping experiences in town for a rainy day to the locals favorite beach experience. ”
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“Lovely restaurants on Rua Dias Ferreira. Leblon has a very family quieter vibe in Rio. Have a beer at Jobi or Bracarense, and watch the Cariocas enjoy life.”
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“This is one of the smaller beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and forms the upper end of Copacabana Beach, where it sits below a small mountain - Moro do Leme.”
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“Iconic "favela" with lots of points of interest! see how people really live in a community mixing simple people, tourists, artists and lots of cool people!”
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“Centro da cidade, repleto de bancos, lojas, padarias, mercados, hortifrutis, restaurantes e lanchonetes.”
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“Largest favela in Brazil. Great to walk around - better yet take a motorcycle taxi up to the top and eat at one of the inexpensive food places.”
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“A natural and famous neighbohood with its iconic streets and charming beachs with beatiful People,I recommend a guide,who can be myself for free and the first day,but u have to pay the eventual costs”
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“porque é um dos pontos turístico mais visitado. o passeio de trem ou uma van que sai do Largo do Machado na praça aqui perto. e um passeio muito bacana lá. de.cima você Pode ver o Rio .do alto ”
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“Bairro antigo e histórico do Rio de Janeiro...aqui tínhamos a sede do Governo Federal”
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