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Rafting en aguas bravas y barbacoa
The White Salmon River flows through a collapsed lava tube coming off Mt. Adams, a designated Wild and Scenic area - it's stunning. Expect to paddle several worthy class III and IV rapids. We'll meet at Northwestern Park just outside of White Salmon WA, across the river from from Hood River. It's an hour and a half from Portland in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. We'll be rafting the White Salmon River, an estuary of the Columbia. After introductions we'll outfit you with a wetsuit, wetsuit booties, helmet and personal floatation device. We'll then take a short van ride to the put in. After an informative river orientation talk we walk down a path to the river, the noise of the rapids ever growing as we descend! Three hours later we'll be back at our cars; Photos of the trip as well as merchandise will be for sale. You may choose to bring a picnic and relax in the park after our trip or check out downtown White Salmon and Hood River. I love this river and sharing the experience and I look forward to seeing you soon! ~Scott Other things to note Your experience may just be your group on a raft with your guide or some new friends may join! Sometimes up to 7 rafts may go depending on who joins that day. Everyone gets outfitted with a wetsuit, wetsuit booties, splash top if desired and a helmet. We go rain or shine, expect to get wet!
Excursión entre risas al famoso letrero de Hollywood
My friends JB, Elko, Jon and I are comedians and actors who have done some work on NBC, ABC, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! We're just 3 dudes trying to make it in LA. We're gonna tell you approx 3000 jokes (some dad-related) about Los Angeles, ourselves, our experiences in LA, maybe a Justin Bieber story? Also, no one has better dad jokes than us. Not even my own dad. (Sup Dad)! This experience is great for groups, teams, and individual solo travelers. We're about becoming best FRIENDS. At the start, I’m gonna hand you the best tasting WATER in the history of water. All that and we haven even walked yet? INCREDIBLE. From there, we'll have y'all laughing so hard at our jokes and stories that you'll forget that we are hiking up a hill to the Hollywood Sign. Did we just become best friends?? WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES? We stop at the BEST PHOTO STOPS for your own Cover Shoot. I've designed this hike for Instagram and can GUARANTEE You'll get 10+likes/photo. You’ll receive PROFESSIONAL photos of the sign, the skyline, and scenic panoramas that may break the internet with likes. Other tours take 1-2 pictures. I'll give you 75+ (Best Friend Move). We've been doing this for 5 years and love being the LA ambassadors to the world. Let us be your friend in LA and show you how LA is done by an actual local and not a "tour company."
Ruta en kayak por la cueva Emerald en Las Vegas
Emerald Cave Kayak Tour on Colorado River ▪ 5 mile kayaking adventure ▪ 3 hours on the Colorado River ▪ 6 hours total from pick up to drop off ▪ See amazing desert wildlife and the beautiful Emerald Cave ▪ Healthy snacks & fruit provided ▪ Short 5-6 min. hike on Historical Site ▪ Guaranteed fun included! Amazing 5 mile kayaking tour in the spectacular Black Canyon on the Colorado River. When you arrive at Willow Beach, get ready for an amazing adventure. Your guide will get you prepared for this amazing day ahead in your kayak. We start paddling upstream all the way to the historical Gauging Station 2 1/2 miles into the Black Canyon. You will have a chance to see all the desert wildlife: Big Horn Sheep, Coyote, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle... Your guide will tell you all about the mighty Colorado River and interesting history, facts of the Hoover Dam! On the way back we will visit Emerald Cave and stop at a historical site where we provide healthy snacks, fruit and water. Includes - Snacks, water, shuttle service, life vest, single or double kayaks. What to bring - Hat, sunglasses, sunblock, water shoe (no flip-flops!), swimsuit and great attitude. Gratuity for your guide would be much appreciated. With Military ID/NPS Card the National Park entry is free. Adults $15, kids free. Free shuttle service from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Strip
Pilota un avión sobre Los Ángeles
Prior to boarding, pose like a seasoned pro for a photo shoot with the airplane. Once you’re on board, the pilot will give you an overview of the instruments and controls. After getting clearance from the tower, you’ll taxi to the runway for takeoff. Once at cruising altitude, you’ll learn basic flying skills in the training area over the Simi Valley. Then, grab hold of the controls and feel free to move about the skies, exploring LA by air. Finally, in preparation for landing, you’ll come back down to earth at Van Nuys Airport. Other things to note IMPORTANT : This experience is currently only offered as a private experience. The guest has to book both spots on the experience and will be allowed to bring an additional guest to sit in the back seat. Only one guest will be in the front seat. Approximate flight time is 40 mins Expect a cancellation if there is bad weather. Only two passengers are allowed per ride to create a guest-focused experience.
Safari en Los Ángeles: ciudad, montaña y costa
WELCOME TO LA'S COOLEST ADVENTURE TOUR! We will begin our 3 hour guided tour of both LA's most iconic areas... (MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, VENICE) and its hidden treasures only a lifelong local would know. We will uncover natural wonders that most tourist never get a chance to see... (HIDDEN BEACHES, LUSH MOUNTAIN PEAKS, LEGENDARY CANYON ROADS, AND SECRET VIEWPOINTS) I will provide my extensive insight while uncovering these locations. (LIKE CELEBRITY HOMES, HISTORICAL FACTS, AND THE BEST AREAS IN LA TO FEEL LIKE A LOCAL) We will stop wherever you feel that you'd like to take a picture, and I will act as your groups personal photographer! WE WILL SPEND THIS UNFORGETTABLE DAY SEEING AMAZING NATURAL SIGHTS, VISITING ICONIC LANDMARKS AND AREAS, AND TAKING THE ULTIMATE PICTURES OF LA TO BE REMEMBERED FOR A LIFETIME. Other things to note *** As of November 2021 through summer 2022 we will be touring in a classic 1980s convertible Chevy surfer van(pictures coming soon)*** I am a very skilled driver. I will provide blankets in case you get cold. Your enjoyment and safety is my number one priority.

Con calificaciones altas por su originalidad

Escala árboles primigenios en Isla López
Do something incredibly unique, climb huge trees 100-200 ft tall, including some rare old-growth trees. Explore and learn about unique ecosystem and wildlife of trees. Once you reach the top of the canopy, enjoy an incredible view of ocean, mountains, and wildlife including bald eagles. Great for groups, teams, and team-building too! Our itinerary will consist of: 1) Meeting and introducing ourselves 2) Signing a liability waiver 3) Listening to a safety talk and gear overview 4) Participating in a climbing techniques tutorial 5) Getting geared-up and checked by your guide 6) Completing a practice climb on our demo tree 7) Walking to the more secluded climbing trees 8) Climb multiple trees, between 100 and 200 feet high. Depending on the group and the climbers' ability, you will ascend one to four trees. Climbing 20 stories up coastal Douglas fir trees offers a stunning perspective few have ever seen. A guide will be climbing with the group the entire time. 9) Enjoying the view, eat at the top of the tree like a monkey. 10) Descend the tree by rappelling 11) Smiling and high-fives We have optionable battery power ascenders for $75 extra, to climb with a push of the button, if physical ability is a concern. Check out videos or pay for add-ons
Descubre la Tijuana auténtica
Guests will be transported from a centrally-located site in San Diego county to the international border in San Ysidro. With a Permit application already completed by host from information provided by guests, crossing the border will be cut from a potential 1 hour to about 10 minutes. Along with a brief historical account and cultural explanation, the experience will include a visit to the Friendship Park, a stroll through historic Revolucion street, as well as a the visit to several iconic areas of the city which will lead to a better understanding of its development. Visitors will also explore a colorful local market, where they will interact with local vendors, learn about, and have the opportunity to sample indigenous foods. The tour will conclude with a visit to a local food court where guests will have the opportunity to savor Tijuana's fusion cuisine, also known as Baja-Med. Finally, they will be driven to the international border, picked up and taken back to the original meeting location in San Diego. The host will escort guests the entire time. Other things to note -Valid passport ** Due to the recent re-opening of the border, the wait to come back to the US has been unusually long. Please expect to wait between 1.5 - 2 hours.
Relájate mientras ordeñas a las vacas
We will teach you how to milk a cow. *At the beginning we allow you time to spend with the animals. Petting, brushing, or just hanging out with them. *Next we take you through what we feed our animals and how we care for them. We can talk about what goes into the cleanliness of the process and getting everything ready. *We will then go through the experience of milking the cow (whether by hand or with the machine, you decide). Allowing you to do as much of the work as you feel comfortable with. *Afterwards we will strain the milk and get it cooled and clean up. *Before you leave we will give you the opportunity to taste any of the products from our farm with the option to purchase milk at a 50% discount. *Congrats! You will have milked a cow!
Tus amigas las llamas
We strive to integrate the natural wisdom of the llama with the cultural heritage of this intelligent creature by relating knowledge of the Andean cosmology and the Andean spiritual path. Here you will have the opportunity to meet, greet, interact with and communicate with our specially trained llama friends. This Experience is about llamas for wellness and educational proposes. We do believe in llamas as healers and messengers of Mother Nature (Pachamama). We want you to experience their medicine and help us on their training too. Safety is always top priority for guests and the llamas, so our program will be different on a winter day after a rainy week than it will be on a hot August afternoon. Please wear comfortable shoes and country clothing. We will put you into situations where you will be able to understand who these llamas are, personally discovering the different personalities that make up our herd. Other things to note We will introduce you to our "Speechless Brothers". Be prepared to learn all about llamas. They are smart, clean and personable. Let them know you are as well.
Senderismo con cabras
A Ten Apple Farm goat hike is a two hour recreational and educational goat experience. You'll meet your hosts (and our herd of Alpine dairy goats), and hear about their 16 years of experience with goats and living on a small family farm. Once we've met the goats and the many other animals residents of the farm, we’ll set off on a hike through the Ten Apple Farm woods with the goats and Philip our sheep! The hike consists of an approximately one and a half mile loop trail through our woods on lightly groomed trails. Along the way we’ll talk about goats as pack animals, what they eat, and you’ll learn a thing or two about raising and caring for goats. There's lots of time for interacting with the goats, asking questions, or just soaking in the Maine woods and these adorable, fun animals. We end the experience with fresh goat milk and homemade cookies! Please note: Children must be at least 5 years old and accompanied by an adult. 5 and 6 year olds should plan to hold a parent's hand during the hike. (Children under 4 must be carried). Other things to note: The hike is not strenuous, but there is a little bit of steep terrain in 2 spots. We have rope railings on the trail to assist with getting up and down in those spots, but guests who have bad knees, hips, or other difficulties with uneven or steep terrain should be aware.

Calificadas como experiencias únicas en la vida

Senderismo con pastores alemanes
Enjoy the true outdoors with an easy 1.5 mile private nature hike hosted by a pack of loose, well trained German Shepherd Dogs. The hike starts at our farm in coastal Maine and wanders through a network of trails winding through a natural wild Maine forest along streams and through meadows. You will be hiking with a large pack of (5 to 12) loose german shepherd dogs of various ages and they will be wanting to engage you to play and have you s or pet them. Along the walk, there will be wooden bridges over streams, soft forest trails, sometimes mud puddles and slippery footing. Throughout our adventure you will learn tips on hiking with a pack and the way they communicate and what their body language means. Once we return there will be bathroom facilities, snacks and beverages. We will also talk about how we raise and imprint our young shepherds and prepare them as family companions or for Show. Your hosts for the nature walk will be either Jennifer, Katie, or all. We began offering pack walks at our open house for our German Shepherd Breeding program, and because of the enthusiasm and popularity, we decided to host this event through Airbnb. This hike is a carefully selected pack of our own German Shepherds. We do not allow visiting dogs to join on the pack hike. Children under two years old are FREE
Diseña tus anillos de boda
IMPORTANT - Search on google for Minter & Richter Designs website for design ideas and general pricing. - Our jewelry store will be closed to the public and open ONLY to you. Minter will walk you through materials like dinosaur bone, meteorite, woods, stones, as well as sands from beaches around the world. We will figure out the perfect size and width for each of you, discover the style that works best both for the shape of your finger and your lifestyle. Your rings take apx. 3-4 weeks to make so we will ship them to you at a later date. Rush order is also available if needed. The cost of the experience does not cover the cost of the rings you design. - You will then drive (or uber) just a couple miles to tour our gritty Machine Shop where Scott makes all our rings for Minter & Richter Designs and you will get to see how the magic happens. One of you will receive a finished titanium souvenir band (NOT of your design) in your size made in front of your eyes as a fun souvenir. One of you will get to wear this ring while you both wait for your real rings to be shipped to you later. Other things to note It is helpful to look through the website before arrival. Write down any names of rings that you see that particularly spark your interest. Search for Minter and Richter Designs and you will find us
Brooklyn jasídico
To many, the Hasidic world is shrouded in mystery and secrecy—well, not anymore. On this experience you get to see first hand the daily lives, rituals and customs of the Hasidic community, guided by a member of the community. Being able to access places seemingly closed off and hidden to the outsider. An opportunity to be able to ask any and all questions about the Jewish faith, culture and philosophy. We kick off the experience inside a Hasidic home, and learning about what it takes to keep a Kosher home. Then its off to the streets of Crown Heights, starting with exploring the world famous “770” Synagogue, getting a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of daily prayer services. Next stop is a Jewish scribe, seeing up close the intricate details involved in producing the Torah Scrolls. Followed by a walk down the avenue, visiting the local shops, and seeing the traditions dating back to the early 1800’s. The experience continues rain, snow or shine (just come prepared).
Pintura fluorescente psicodélica en cuerpo o lienzo
Comenzamos con una meditación chamánica de 15 minutos para ubicarlo en un estado pacífico de ser y para desarrollar su campo de energía. En este viaje de exploración, tienes dos opciones. El primero es experimentar el antiguo arte de la pintura corporal en un contexto UV moderno mientras Myztico ilumina tus colores vibrantes internos. Este proceso de pintura tomará aproximadamente 60-90 minutos por persona, ya que el foco estará en la parte delantera de la parte superior del torso, los brazos y la cara. Doy la bienvenida a parejas y solteros. Al final de la sesión, te fotografiaré en tu máxima gloria UV en mi estudio de arte, se tomará un mínimo de al menos 40 fotos interdimensionales y se enviarán por correo electrónico a través de un enlace de WeTransfer para que lo uses como mejor te parezca. Si prefieres estar detrás del pincel, únete a mí en una sesión de pintura UV de dos horas y media en un lienzo de 20x24 en mi estudio de arte en Brooklyn. Te acompañará música inspirada, conversación animada y colaboraré contigo. Llévate a casa tu propia pintura única junto con un par de gafas 3D. Principiantes a artistas experimentados bienvenidos. Espero conocerte ... Namaste! Otros aspectos destacables NOTA: Debido a mi horario semanal cambiante, no he abierto fechas de calendario. Si hay una fecha que desea reservar, comuníquese conmigo hasta 5 horas antes de la hora de reserva para verificar las disponibilidades.
Visita un refugio de lobos
Tap into your wild side as you spend time with wolfdogs and learn the powerful lessons they have to teach in this intimate group experience! Beginning with a visit to our wolfdog compound, you'll meet the 30-plus rescues, hear their backstories, and meet some of the pack to interact one-on-one. You might even get a kiss (or two or three)! You’ll also get to walk alongside them during a light hike through the Angeles National Forest, where you’ll become one of the pack and further solidify your bond with the animals. NOTE: Please wear closed-toe boots or shoes, long pants, and weather-appropriate layers. Do not wear fur or dangling jewelry. If you have a cast or physical limitation, please notify us in advance.

Todas las actividades cerca de Estados Unidos

Kayak en La Jolla (grutas y reserva marina)
If you do not want to check-in inside the shop for COVID concerns, message me for outside check-in. La Jolla Bay is a Marine Protected Area that is home to a thriving ecosystem that boasts a high concentration of sea life, has a natural boat launch, which allows safe ocean entry year round, and is famous for its Sea Caves and Marine Reserve. No experience is required. Great for all skill levels. Your guide will kick things off with a paddle tutorial on the beach. If surf exists we will help push your kayak through any breakers. As we paddle through La Jolla’s Marine Reserve keep an eye out for Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Dolphin and Gray whales in the fall/winter. Note: We cannot guarantee sea life. If conditions are safe we will help guide your kayak into Emerald Cave. If it's not safe to enter Emerald Cave, we will still paddle out & explore La Jolla's World Famous Marine Reserve. Note: if not safe we WILL NOT enter the Emerald Cave, we don't cancel if the cave isn't safe and spend about a minute inside. La Jolla Bay is an Uncontrollable Environment. Please come enjoy this place we love knowing each day is different than the last. La Jolla is a popular place to kayak, SUP and surf year long. Satisfaction Guarantee. Do not feel this was a 5 star trip, message me.
Impresionante recorrido en barco por el horizonte por la noche
El recorrido consta de 1 hora y media por la noche: Es una experiencia única e inolvidable porque los huéspedes solo pueden experimentar esto en un barco por la noche. Hablo ingles, frances y español. Durante todo el crucero, los huéspedes tendrán mucho tiempo para tomar fotos, hacer preguntas e hidratarse (los refrescos y el agua son gratuitos). Una vez que todos estén seguros y cómodos, navegaremos por la isla de las estrellas, donde se encuentran todas las casas de los ricos y famosos (fila del millonario). La experiencia del tour nocturno es única porque no hay tránsito de otras cartas durante este tiempo. El agua por la noche es muy tranquila dando la impresión de que realmente estamos flotando a través del agua. Después, bordearemos el centro para admirar el horizonte de noche. Es uno de los horizontes más bellos de los Estados Unidos. Veremos los edificios de gran altura en toda la bahía. Me detendré en un punto estratégico para que los huéspedes puedan tomarse una foto. Después de bordear la bahía, nos dirigiremos al río Miami. Esto nos llevará a Brickell, también conocido como el glamuroso distrito financiero de Miami. Después de nuestra inmersión a través de Brickell, nos dirigiremos a Overtown, donde percibiremos el contraste entre estos dos distritos. Los huéspedes podrán ver la vida nocturna de Miami con diferentes restaurantes / bares a lo largo del río con música en vivo. Una vez que hayamos cruzado el río, puerto deportivo en una ruta diferente.Sin Bano Otros aspectos destacables Llegue a tiempo o 15 minutos antes de la hora de inicio. Trae un suéter ligero. Se permite el alcohol suave. No se permiten bebés menores de 36 meses en el bote. Traiga su identificación con usted y su cupón de Airbnb. El clima es impredecible en Miami, por lo que no debe confiar al 100% en aplicaciones meteorológicas.$ 10 en efectivo POR PERSONA es una propina habitual para su Capitán / Guía!
Sesión de fotos en DUMBO y los alrededores del puente de Brooklyn
This experience takes place at DUMBO neighborhood. Because of my background working side by side with models and actors, my clients appreciate my directions in front of the camera. My main priority is to create lasting memories of your trip to New York City while adding some flavor to your social media! For our session, we start in the morning at Ample Hills Creamery with the best light and least traffic. We will explore DUMBO, along with other respected cultural locations. I can assure you will find new places to bring your friends to Brooklyn and photographs to make your friends back home wish they were with you. As an avid traveler who's traveled the world, I enjoy meeting new people from other countries. Once we become acquainted, you will become my actor for 1 hour. I am excited to share my 10+ years of experience working in the fashion & advertising industry with you. A preview link will be provided to all the photos. You can pick up to 1 complimentary and purchase as many extra photos as you want. All unedited photos and 10 edits are included for private group bookings.
Kayak de noche en Ft. Lauderdale
Para aquellos con espiritu aventurero! Acompañanos en downtown Ft. Lauderdale para ver la ciudad como nunca antes. Los kayaks son para 2-personas, no contamos con kayaks individuales. Paddleboards disponibles para viajeros solos. Nos encontraremos en un parque, nos alistaremos y utilizaremos linternas para la cabeza, varas que brillan en la oscuridad y chaleco salvavidas. Te enseñaremos lo basico de kayaking o paddleboard y practicaremos antes de partir. No te preocupes, es muy fácil y no se necesita tener experiencia previa. Luego iniciaremos nuestra aventura, veremos desde el agua todos los altos y luminosos edificios, los restaurantes llenos de luces parques, museos y yates. Asegurate de traer tu camara o celular (te daremos bolsas impermeables para celular). Luego de llegar a cierto punto daremos vuelta y regresaremos al punto de partida. Siguenos en instragram: @nightkayaking para ver más fotos. Otros aspectos destacables Peso limite: 110kg por persona para los kayaks. 90kg para paddleboard. No experiencia necesaria. No seas tímido, pregunta con confianza: - Grupos privados - Abrir diferentes días u otro horario - Cualquier otra duda Siguenos en instagram para ver mas fotos: @paddle.experiences
Scenic guided mountain trail ride through the Catskills
Take a guided horseback riding tour on our 300+ acres of private mountain trails lead by an experienced guide. After signing up and meeting the horses, we will show you the skills you need to ride through our trails. You will be accompanied by an experienced trail guide the entire time. This is a beginner friendly ride.
Safari en Los Ángeles: ciudad, montaña y costa
WELCOME TO LA'S COOLEST ADVENTURE TOUR! We will begin our 3 hour guided tour of both LA's most iconic areas... (MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, VENICE) and its hidden treasures only a lifelong local would know. We will uncover natural wonders that most tourist never get a chance to see... (HIDDEN BEACHES, LUSH MOUNTAIN PEAKS, LEGENDARY CANYON ROADS, AND SECRET VIEWPOINTS) I will provide my extensive insight while uncovering these locations. (LIKE CELEBRITY HOMES, HISTORICAL FACTS, AND THE BEST AREAS IN LA TO FEEL LIKE A LOCAL) We will stop wherever you feel that you'd like to take a picture, and I will act as your groups personal photographer! WE WILL SPEND THIS UNFORGETTABLE DAY SEEING AMAZING NATURAL SIGHTS, VISITING ICONIC LANDMARKS AND AREAS, AND TAKING THE ULTIMATE PICTURES OF LA TO BE REMEMBERED FOR A LIFETIME. Other things to note *** As of November 2021 through summer 2022 we will be touring in a classic 1980s convertible Chevy surfer van(pictures coming soon)*** I am a very skilled driver. I will provide blankets in case you get cold. Your enjoyment and safety is my number one priority.
Los mejores bares y discotecas de Las Vegas
During the club crawl, you will get a chance to meet other visitors like yourself who have come to Las Vegas either by themselves, as a couple, with friends or for business. It’s a great way to meet new people and make instant friends! We start off the night with bars or lounge, so that everyone can mix & mingle and take advantage of unique drink specials for our group. We sometimes like to incorporate a couple of party games and take photos. Next, we head over to 1-2 different nightclubs, so that we can show you the real Las Vegas nightlife party scene, and get to see some of the best and biggest DJs in the world. We really try to give our guests the best and most memorable experience. Through the entire experience, guests will enjoy complimentary entry, expedited VIP entry with our own dedicated lines, and a professional, fun & memorable time! The personal party host will stay with the group from the first to the final venue, to ensure everything runs smoothly, and everyone has a great time! Other things to note Meeting location varies depending on the day of the week. - You can check our website, for the full lineup (we meet at the first venue on the lineup). - Dress code is strictly enforced at major nightclubs. Nightclub attire will be required.
Observa ballenas y delfines: fauna desde una embarcación rápida
BOOK a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE WITH US TODAY! Welcome to East Meets West Whale Watching with Capt. Nick. We are OPEN! Daily safe and fun 2hr Ultimate Whale and Dolphin watching tours for groups up to 6 persons - public and private tours now available! Don't want to be on a big slow boat with 100+ other people? We understand! We have the newest, fastest, and most technologically advanced vessel in Newport Beach equipped with SUSPENSION SEATING and vessel STABILIZERS for your comfort, health and safety!!! Get ready for an intimate experience with some of nature’s most fantastic wildlife, aboard Newport Beach's most advanced whale and dolphin watching vessel. We limit our trips to 6 passengers per boat, allowing us to provide the Personal Attention and Comfort you deserve. Our new boats are extremely quiet, enabling us to stealthily approach and bring you a front-row seat to these spectacular mammals without disturbing them in their natural habitat. Departing from beautiful Balboa Island in Newport Beach, you will explore the wildlife-rich waters of Orange County, a superhighway for whales and dolphins year-round. See whales and dolphins in their natural migratory path. Creating lifetime memories, one trip at a time!
Las Vegas: mucho más que casinos
Not your typical walking tour! Small groups - no flag, fannypack or microphone! Mostly indoors! All the good stuff you should see! Great for the beginning of your trip so later you'll know all the good spots to go back to, where to find better food & drink deals - saving you time & money from wandering around! After months of exploration, I've discovered some must see spots & hidden gems of the Vegas Strip & put together a comprehensive small-group walking tour - we'll go beyond the casinos to see a different side of Vegas w/ hidden gems that can be missed if you were venturing alone! Spots even locals don't know about! We'll walk through many iconic spots such as the Bellagio fountains & botanical gardens, a must even for Vegas veterans but we'll also visit some of the lesser known gems! We'll visit: secluded animal habitat & oasis w/ flamingos, black swan, pass by a few speakeasies, photo spots, where to find food/drink deals: 3-course lunch specials $29, 2-4-1 drinks, $25 bottomelss mimosas, $3 shots, $1 water, $3 beers. How to eat & drink well while on a budget! We'll see the worlds largest chocolate fountain, largest hotel in US, 3-story chandelier bar, chocolate tasting, replica of Venice w/ canals & gondolas, scenic views of the Strip and plenty more! We'll see a lot! Photo tour - book private Families w/ kids under 21- book private Questions? Ask before booking!
Descubre un Portland muy azucarado
On this tour, you'll join me as we explore the city and food culture through the medium of donuts. You'll learn history of Portland, each donut location, how they fit into the larger food scene, as well as try some amazing donuts. We start near the PSU campus where we begin at Sesame Donuts and try some of their amazing sesame donuts as well as many others. We then take a nice walk through central Portland over to Fills Donuts to sample some of their daily specials. Their menu changes often. From there, it's off to NOLA Doughnuts where we'll sample beignets and some of the best chocolate donuts you've ever had. We'll finish the tour at Voodoo Doughnuts, where you can even skip the line (sometimes a 30-60 minute ordeal). We hope you can join us! Other things to note Currently, many of these shops do not have gluten free or vegan options, so options are very limited.
Fantástico tour en bicicleta eléctrica por San Francisco
On this 100% local electric bike tour you’ll experience SF’s most essential sights in one unforgettable adventure. The awesome tour route features a full ride on the Golden Bridge and includes SF’s best landmarks, parks, neighborhoods, Victorian architecture, and hidden gems along the way. We’ll even have a picnic in the park, w/ epic panoramic views. —> GOT QUESTIONS Just send me a note! Also see for more info on the tours, photos, and cool details<— —> Why choose this experience and electric bike tour? <— (over 700 5-star reviews: this is SF’s highest rated & most celebrated bike experience, by far!) • Make the most of your SF time & explore more! This is the coolest, most active, expansive, & authentic way to experience the city. • Ride the whole Golden Gate Bridge & see it from the most unique local views not offered on any other experience • Explore the best parts of SF’s grand Golden Gate Park • Nick leads all the tours - get SF’s most experienced guide every time • Ride an awesome custom-built electric bike, for easy, safe, & extra-fun pedaling (these are the best bikes in SF, hands down) • Wireless audio system to guarantee you don’t miss a thing and ensures the safest ride • Picnic feat. SF’s best sandwiches • Captivating stories & iPad collection of cool historical photos *Great for offsites, companies & private groups
Todas las localizaciones del Sendero de la Libertad
See all 16 of Boston's Iconic Freedom Trail sites in a single 2.5 hour tour! Join the most comprehensive walking tour of the Freedom Trail available, and learn about icons like Paul Revere and John Hancock, along with lesser known stories of women, African Americans, and immigrant patriots and pioneers. Rebels, gangs, Midnight Riders (and a few cheap dad jokes) all feature in the tales on this tour. Tour goers will leave with an understanding of Boston's role in the American Revolution, but also how Boston has pioneered abolition, American education, and immigration. It all happened at these famous sites along the iconic red brick line. This highly interactive tour will begin opposite the Massachusetts State House and conclude in the North End with the best view of the Charlestown Freedom Trail sites. Along the way you'll experience the explosive events of the American Revolution like the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre in the places they happened. Be sure to bring your best questions for our veteran guides! 10:30 am - 1:00 pm, Friday Saturday Sunday May 1st - November 30th. Experience the Revolution with Cambridge Historical Tours!
Pásatelo en grande visitando Nueva York
NOTA: Si necesita el lunes 2 de agosto u otras fechas, es posible que tenga disponibilidad limitada. ¡Solo envíame un mensaje! ¡Hola amigos! ¡2021 ya está aquí! La ciudad de Nueva York pasó por momentos difíciles, pero Nueva York es fuerte y creo que superaremos esta situación actual ¡incluso más fuerte que antes! Si no ve una fecha que desea, por favor envíeme un mensaje. Los recorridos son en inglés, si necesita un recorrido en español avíseme / Los recorridos estan en ingles. Avisame si necesitas un tour en español.) Este es principalmente un recorrido a pie, pero también tomamos el metro para una parte del recorrido y, por supuesto, un magnífico viaje en bote hasta el puerto. Aquí está el itinerario. ¡Dios los bendiga y permanezca a salvo! Este es un tour de día completo. ¡Cubrimos MUCHO! -Explora el hermoso Central Park -Ver el mundialmente famoso Hotel Plaza -Pasear por las elegantes tiendas de la Quinta Avenida (el distrito comercial más caro del mundo) -Magnífica arquitectura de la Catedral de San Patricio (a diferencia de otros recorridos, vamos al interior, no solo al exterior) -Rockefeller Center (incluidos los estudios NBC) -Times Square (el lugar más emocionante del mundo) -Torre de la Libertad -Monumento Nacional 9/11 -Wall Street (Bolsa de Nueva York y "the Bull") -¡Paseo en bote por el pintoresco puerto de Nueva York! -Vistas de la Estatua de la Libertad / Ellis Island -Vistas del horizonte de Nueva York -Vistas del Puente de Brooklyn ¡También veremos casas de celebridades, lugares famosos de películas y televisión, y más!
Descubre Salem con una auténtica bruja
Ever wanted to truly understand the history of Salem and be a part of the very real magic of the city with a resident, historian, and modern day witch? This fascinating tour will lead you through the city as you explore the lore, secrets and intricate history of Salem that go beyond just the 1692 trials. This 90 minute journey starts with some important sights such as the famed Samantha statue, the Witch House, the Old Burying Point cemetery, and a few Hocus Pocus locations. It also includes the otherworldly history of spiritualism, the city’s ties with the Parker Brother's Ouija Board , and we finish off near maritime wharf to demonstrate Salem's illustrious maritime history. Along the way, you will learn the truth behind witchcraft as a culture. Prepare to soak in some magical knowledge, ranging from connecting with nature, energy protection, manifesting with the moon and how we interact with the local spirits. This tour even includes locally sourced materials to craft simple spells as we journey through Salem! Our group/coven experience will be personable- limited to 10 guests that will leave time for meaningful questions and answers to create an absolutely spellbinding, one of a kind experience that will deeply connect you with the heart and soul of the city both past and present.
Conduce tu propia aventura en lancha
Experience the thrill of driving your own speed boat on a guided and narrated tour around San Diego's Harbor. You’ll navigate and captain your own speed boat for the entirety of the tour while following a trained and knowledgeable guide in a different boat. There is a two-way communication systems mounted in each boat so you'll be able to hear your guide throughout the tour. This speed boat adventure is a great way see the beautiful San Diego harbor and learn about its history while speeding through water. You are not expected to get wet on this adventures, maybe just a light spray. This is also a great activity for groups, experience a fun team-building experience on a Speed boat!